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Here Are Amazing Top Ten Best VPN To Use In 2019 Updated Guide


In this article we are talking about the Top Ten Best VPN. Alright, many of you might have heard the word VPN, most are confused thinking its just a name but it has its fiull meaning. in this article we would be putting you through on what it is and equally clear you thoughts because we have come to understand that many people are confused when it comes to getting the best VPN to make use of. most people go online to search for which vpn is the best and lots more. okay lets kick off


VPN,which is an acronym for Virtual Private Network is a server that you can connect with,in order to reroute your internet activities.The server can,and will completely mask your IP or make it appear as if you are located in a different location.

A VPN encrypts and protect your data connection when you are online,so that prying eyes will not be able to locate you.

There are loads of VPN to chose from,but the disadvantage is that you may be overwhelmed,especially if you don’t know what to look for.The process of choosing a VPN starts with a realistic assessment of what you want;for instance,if you only use Apple products,you have to find the best VPN for their products.

In this article,I will list out the best VPN in 2019,so that you can be able to know what to look for,and not be overwhelmed.

List Of Top Ten Best VPN


It is known for its brilliant security.

Number of services:5064\Server locations:62\IP addresses:N/A /Maximum devices supported:6                   NORDVPN is located in central America.Its key advantages are a large pool servers,and more than 60 locations around the globe.


The best offshore VPN for privacy and unblocking.

Number of servers:2000+/Server locations:148/IP address:30,000/Maximum devices supported:3

EXPRESSVPN has been recognized as one of the worlds top VPN providers,with fast speeds and solid customer support.


It is great for P2P and torrenting.

Number of servers:1000+/Server locations:60+/IP address:40000+/Maximum devices supported:10.

It is not the cheapest product out there,but with their service,you will get what you paid for,and there is a seven day money back guarantee.

4.Hotspot Shield

A great solution for online browsing.

Number of servers:2500+/Server locations:25/IP addresses:N/A /Maximum devices supported:5.

Performance-wise it lacks nothing,there is an ever so slight increase in latency,with both upload and download speeds a bit faster after being connected.


Rich clients and great configurability.

Number of servers:3000+/Server locations:60+/IP addresses:N/A /Maximum devices supported:7.

CyberGhost stands out because it has the option of kicking off the VPN when specific apps are launched.

So with the above VPNs,I hope that  you can be able to know the specific VPN to go for,and not be overwhelmed.

This VPN mentioned above are considerd to be the best VPN as at the time of this research.



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